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Buying A New Car Questions & Answers

1. How much is the car after fees and licensing? Understanding the “true price” of your new Kia from Steven Kia in Harrisonburg VA should be very important.

2. What’s the warranty coverage? Are there any perks like free maintenance?

3. Has the car been damaged? Even though this is a new vehicle, it is always good to ask.

4. Can I have a test drive? We always recommend taking a test drive of your new vehicle before you purchase it.

5. “Is that the best you can do?” Here at Steven Kia we strive to offer you the most competitive and lowest price possible, but it does not hurt to ask.

6. Does this car make me happy? Buying a new Kia from Steven Kia is a big purchase. Making sure that the new Kia makes you happy is crucial.

7. What “mandatory” fees will I have to pay?

8. Where is the nearest dealer / authorized repair center to my house? When you buy a new Kia from Steven Kia, rest assured that we service all Kias right here at the dealership. If you are from out of the area, we will help you to find the nearest repair center to your home.

9. Has the car been used as a demo?

10. What is the term (length) of the loan and what is my interest rate? Our finance department will be happy to go over all the terms of the loan before your sign the papers.</>


Buying A Used Car Questions & Answers

Here are some common questions and answers that used car buyers have for us at Steven Kia:

1. Is the vehicle 4 Wheel Drive? if so does it work properly?

2. Do you have a clean Carfax report for this vehicle?

3. Has this vehicle ever been repainted?

4. Are there any signs of smoking or pets in the vehicle?

5. Do all the windows and locks work?

6. Do all of the lights, wipers and stereo work?

7. Do the turn signals and cruise control work?

8. Do you have the clear title in hand?

9. If it hasn’t already, will the car pass safety and emissions?

10. How many keys and remotes are included with the car?

11. Does the car have a spare tire and jack?

12. How about a gas cap?

13. Ask about rust perforation/ pitting/ rock chips. Many cars in inclement areas suffer from this.

14. Hows the condition of glass, it may not have cracks, but are there chips that will become cracks?

15. Are the roof rack components, interior organizing nets and other factory equipment all in tact and included?

16. How about a cigarette lighter, cup holder and interior? Are they complete and clean?

17. Do the rear defrost and heating elements work?

18. Is the catalytic converter and exhaust system intact?

19. Does the vehicle leak any fluids such as oil, antifreeze or any other essential fluid?

20. How about the tread on tires and wear on brakes?

21. Finally, are there any dealer documentary fees or other dealer specific fees that I should know about before I begin my negotiation?

Financing A Vehicle Questions & Answers

1. What’s the interest rate I’m really paying? The APR (annual percentage rate) is the best way to know what interest you are paying. It is the actual interest rate you pay annually on the unpaid balance of the loan. The rate you are offered will to a large extent depend on your credit score, a number that dealers get from your credit report.

2. Are there any possible penalties in my loan? Does paying the loan off early entail penalties? Are there any other possible extra charges that could occur during the term of my loan? Are there “hidden charges” that effectively are penalties?

3. What is the precise (down to the penny) price I’m paying for the vehicle?

4. What is the total amount (be exact) being financed?

5. What’s the dollar amount I’m paying for the credit (finance charge)?

6. What’s the exact amount of each payment?

7. What is the total number of payments?

8. Is this deal contingent on getting subsequent approval of the financing from a third party? Some dealers will send you out the door with a car then call a day or two later to say they couldn’t get you financed at the rate they quoted, but they have found a lender who will cover the loan at a higher payment. Don’t fall for this. Make sure you know who the lender is and that the deal is sealed before leaving the lot. If there’s any question, tell the dealer you’ll come back and get the car when everything is settled.

9. What about credit insurance? Your lender may offer, or even demand, credit insurance. First, find out exactly what it will cost you. If you have an existing insurance policy that covers the same thing, make a thorough comparison. It’s not required by federal law, and check your state’s requirement (through the office of your attorney general or insurance commissioner) if your lender requires it. It’s very rare that any do. But if you must pay, make sure it is included in the cost of your credit and see where it is reflected in the APR you are paying.

Got Kia Service & Kia Parts Questions?